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Article Library

Create articles in the one place that can be easily used in Email Campaigns on your website, in your RSS feeds and marketed through Facebook and Twitter.

One click to add to your email newsletter
Automatically tweeted and added to your facebook page
Improves your Google Ranking

Form Builder

Forms can have many functions on your website including signups, purchases and enquiries. The Bloomtools Form Builder allows you to easily create these forms yourself and add them to your website instantly. Some of the highlights include:

Easy-to-use drag and drop editor
18 different field types
Captcha to stop spam

Integrates with the contact database


A knowledgebase is a collection of pages within your site that covers things like frequently asked questions and product guides for clients, so visitors find the information they need. A knowledgebase can even be used internally - keep your policies, style guides, templates and important documents in the one place where staff can easily view and download them.

Restrict access to groups of contacts
Group information into a hierarchical structure
Display related articles


Podcasting is fast becoming a popular way of distributing information over the Internet. It allows you to supply audio, such as interviews or product guides, to website visitors quickly and gives people a great reason to regularly visit your site..

With the Bloomtools Podcasting tool you can upload audio to your website for your customers to download and listen to. The tool makes it simple to manage your audio and displays it professionally on your website.


Your customers come to your website to get information on your business and products and they will leave if they can't find what they want. Make it simple for them to find information by providing a website search function so they can type in what they want and get a list of relevant results quickly.

Integrated into the design of your site
Integrates with Google's custom search feature


Flexible survey builder

Build surveys quickly and easily with our drag and drop editor. With over 15 different question types, including rating scales, multiple choice and more, it's easy to create online surveys from scratch.

Response limiting
Response Cut-off dates; and
Even allowing a contact to save and return to the survey at a later time

Advanced Features

Get the data you need with required fields and remove bias by randomising results. Change questions asked in the survey based on previous answers given to questions with Skip logic.

Skip logic
Required fields
Randomise results


View the results from your surveys in real-time and gain insights into this data by either viewing the combined results or by each individual. Make decisions quickly by being notified each time the survey has been completed - for instance three weeks after a client's product has been shipped, or a day after a prospect has attended one of your seminars.

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